Sunday, May 29, 2011

The First Qualifier for final of IPL 4

Captain of Indian cricket Team is first person to Win Both World Cup 2011 & IPL 4 cricket match in a single year. The First qualifier for final between match was between Royal Challengers of Bangalore Vs Chennai Super King on 24.05.11.Bangalore team played first and got 175 runs for 4 wkts in 20 overs.Chennai Super King won the match by six wkts scoring 177 runs for 4 wkts 2 balls remain.The match was fantastic..It is very interesting to watch live and hearing live score of any cricket.All are interested in live cricket score.I am also interested in live cricket score.The Score details of both team was given below.

Chennai Super Kings 177-4 (19.4) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
M Husseylbw b Khan04000.00
M Vijaylbw b Aravind5510100.00
S Rainanot out735046146.00
S Badrinathc Aravind b Mithun343250106.25
*MS Dhonic Mithun b Khan291931152.63
A Morkelnot out281013280.00
D Bravo

W Saha

R Ashwin

D Bollinger

S Jakati

Extras: 8 b:1 lb:1 nb:2 w:4
Total: 177-4 (19.4) | Curr. RR: 9.00
FOW:M Hussey (3-1, 1), M Vijay (7-2, 1.3), S Badrinath (70-3, 11), *MS Dhoni (131-4, 16.4)

Royal Challengers Bangalore O M R W Nb Wd RPO
Z Khan41312027.75
S Aravind303210010.67
A Mithun303211110.67
V Kohli20190109.50
*D Vettori3.404200011.45
C Gayle40190014.75
Royal Challengers Bangalore team: Z Khan, S Aravind, A Mithun, V Kohli, *D Vettori, C Gayle, L Pomersbach, M Agarwal, M Kaif, S Tiwary, AB de Villiers
Powerplay: 1: 1-6 ovs
Royal Challengers Bangalore 175-4 (20) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
M Agarwalc Bollinger b Bravo343350103.03
C Gaylelbw b Ashwin890188.89
V Kohlinot out704453159.09
AB de Villiersc Vijay b Jakati111001110.00
L Pomersbachb Bollinger291822161.11
S Tiwarynot out9610150.00
M Kaif

*D Vettori

S Aravind

A Mithun

Z Khan

Extras: 14 b:2 lb:7 nb:0 w:5
Total: 175-4 (20) | Curr. RR: 8.75
FOW:C Gayle (30-1, 3.3), M Agarwal (65-2, 9), AB de Villiers (85-3, 11.5), L Pomersbach (133-4, 16.4)

Chennai Super Kings O M R W Nb Wd RPO
A Morkel404000010.00
D Bollinger40201015.00
R Ashwin40331018.25
D Bravo30281039.33
S Jakati40371009.25
S Raina1080008.00
Chennai Super Kings team: A Morkel, D Bollinger, R Ashwin, D Bravo, S Jakati, S Raina, S Badrinath, W Saha, M Hussey, M Vijay, *MS Dhoni
Powerplay: 1: 1-6 ovs

Mr.M.S.Dhoni is One of The Great Indian Captains of Test Match & ODI as well as IPL Cricket