Sunday, February 20, 2011

India Vs Bangladesh world cup 2011 First ODI on 19.02.11

India made a very good starting in 2011 World Cup against Bangladesh on 19.02.2011.and won the match by 87 runs.Mr.Sehwag was the Man of match and scored 175 runs,and Mr.Virat Kholi made 100 runs in the first World cup was played but he could not get the man of match award.The score details are given below

India 370-4 (50) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
V Sehwagb S Hasan175140145125.00
S Tendulkarrun out (S Hasan)28294096.55
G Gambhirb Mahmudullah393930100.00
V Kohlinot out1008382120.48
Y Pathanc Rahim b S Islam8100080.00
*MS Dhoni




S Sreesanth

M Patel

Extras: 20 b:1 lb:2 nb:1 w:16
Total: 370-4 (50) | Curr. RR: 7.40
FOW:S Tendulkar (69-1, 10.5), G Gambhir (152-2, 23.2), V Sehwag (355-3, 47.3), Y Pathan (370-4, 50)

Bangladesh O M R W Nb Wd RPO
S Islam70691119.86
R Hossain100600056.00
A Razzak90740018.22
*S Hasan100611036.10
N Islam70540007.71
Bangladesh team: S Islam, R Hossain, A Razzak, *S Hasan, N Islam, Mahmudullah, R Hasan, M Rahim, J Siddique, I Kayes, T Iqbal
Powerplay: 1: 1-10 ovs, 2: 11-15 ovs, 3: 35-39 ovs

Bangladesh 283-9 (50) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
T Iqbalc Yuvraj b Patel70863181.40
I Kayesb Patel342960117.24
J Siddiquest Dhoni b Harbhajan37521171.15
*S Hasanc Harbhajan b Pathan555050110.00
M Rahimc (sub) Raina b Zaheer25302083.33
R Hasannot out282801100.00
Mahmudullahb Patel6600100.00
N Islamlbw b Patel280025.00
A Razzaklbw b Zaheer150020.00
S Islamrun out (Harbhajan)01000.00
R Hossainnot out160016.67
Extras: 23 b:0 lb:9 nb:1 w:13
Total: 283-9 (50) | Curr. RR: 5.66
FOW:I Kayes (56-1, 6.5), J Siddique (129-2, 23.1), T Iqbal (188-3, 32.1), *S Hasan (234-4, 39.4), M Rahim (248-5, 42.3), Mahmudullah (261-6, 44.3), N Islam (275-7, 46.3), A Razzak (279-8, 48), S Islam (280-9, 48.3)

India O M R W Nb Wd RPO
S Sreesanth505301110.60
M Patel100484004.80
Y Pathan80491026.12
India team: S Sreesanth, Zaheer, M Patel, Harbhajan, Y Pathan, Yuvraj, V Sehwag, G Gambhir, S Tendulkar, V Kohli, *MS Dhoni
Powerplay: 1: 1-10 ovs, 2: 11-15 ovs, 3: 43-47 ovs


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