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World Cup 2011 SEMI FINAL India Vs Pakistan

World Cup 2011 Semi Final India Vs Pakistan

The great victory on our rival team of Pakistan on 30.03.11 at Mohali.This was viewed by Both the country Prime Ministers.We started with great start by Mr.Sehwag. and followed by Mr.Sachin with 85 runs and lastly helped by Mr.Raina to get good score of 260 runs to depend Pakistan.We were thinking Pakistan was strong team but after fighting with them it shows that they were very poor in batting and only one person scored above 50 runs (Mr.Misbah Ul Haq).Finally Indian Team won the match by 29 runs.Mr.Sachin was the Man of Match.

The details of scorecard is given below.

India 260-9 (50) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
V Sehwaglbw b Riaz382590152.00
S Tendulkarc Afridi b Ajmal8511511073.91
G Gambhirst K Akmal b Hafeez 27322084.38
V Kohlic U Akmal b Riaz9210042.86
Yuvrajb Riaz01000.00
*MS Dhonilbw b Riaz25422059.52
S Rainanot out36393092.31
Harbhajanst K Akmal b Ajmal12152080.00
Zaheerc K Akmal b Riaz9101090.00
A Nehrarun out (Riaz)120050.00
M Patelnot out0000

Extras: 18 b:0 lb:8 nb:2 w:8
Total: 260-9 (50) | Curr. RR: 5.20
FOW:V Sehwag (48-1, 5.5), G Gambhir (116-2, 18.5), V Kohli (141-3, 25.2), Yuvraj (141-4, 25.3), S Tendulkar (187-5, 37), *MS Dhoni (205-6, 41.4), Harbhajan (236-7, 46.4), Zaheer (256-8, 49.2), A Nehra (258-9, 49.5)

Pakistan O M R W Nb Wd RPO
U Gul80690218.62
A Razzaq 20140007.00
W Riaz100465044.60
S Ajmal100442024.40
*S Afridi100450004.50
M Hafeez 100341003.40
Pakistan team: U Gul, A Razzaq , W Riaz, S Ajmal, *S Afridi, M Hafeez , A Shafiq, U Akmal, Younis Khan, Misbah-ul-Haq, K Akmal
Powerplay: 1: 1-10 ovs, 2: 11-15 ovs, 3: 45-49 ovs.
Pakistan 231-10 (49.5) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR
K Akmalc Yuvraj b Zaheer19213090.48
M Hafeez c Dhoni b Patel43597072.88
A Shafiqb Yuvraj30392076.92
Younis Khanc Raina b Yuvraj13320040.62
Misbah-ul-Haqc Kohli b Zaheer56765173.68
U Akmalb Harbhajan292412120.83
A Razzaq b Patel390033.33
*S Afridic Sehwag b Harbhajan191710111.76
W Riazc Tendulkar b Nehra8141057.14
U Gullbw b Nehra230066.67
S Ajmalnot out150020.00
Extras: 8 b:0 lb:0 nb:0 w:8
Total: 231-10 (49.5) | Curr. RR: 4.64
FOW:K Akmal (44-1, 9), M Hafeez (70-2, 15.3), A Shafiq (103-3, 23.5), Younis Khan (106-4, 25.4), U Akmal (142-5, 33.1), A Razzaq (150-6, 36.2), *S Afridi (184-7, 41.5), W Riaz (199-8, 44.5), U Gul (208-9, 46.1), Misbah-ul-Haq (231-10, 49.5)

India O M R W Nb Wd RPO
A Nehra100332013.30
M Patel101402014.00
India team: Zaheer, A Nehra, M Patel, Harbhajan, Yuvraj, S Raina, S Tendulkar, V Sehwag, V Kohli, G Gambhir, *MS Dhoni
Powerplay: 1: 1-10 ovs, 2: 11-15 ovs, 3: 46-50 ovs

Mr.M.S.Dhoni is one of The Great Indian Captains of Test Match & ODI cricket.

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