Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mr.Raina as New ODI Captain of Indian Team Touring WI

Mr.Raina as New ODI captain of Indian Team touring West Indies and played The First ODI match on 6.6.11.West Indies won the toss and played first scored 214 runs for 9 wkts in 50 overs.India played later and won the match by 4 wkts score 217 for 6 wkts in 44.5 overs.This the first win for as captain out side India for Mr.Raina and new captain of ODI match.The score details are given below.
Mr.R.Sarwan & Mr.M.Samuels played well in WI side and scored above 50 runs.In India Side Mr.S.Dhawan & Mr.Rohit Sharma played well.
Mr.Sharma scored 68 runs not out and got man match award. Mr.Virot Kohli failed to do well.

India 217-6 (44.5) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR  
P Patelrun out (Dwayne Bravo)13152086.67
S Dhawanc Simmons b Martin51763167.11
V Kohlic Baugh b Rampaul280025.00
S Badrinathc Baugh b Bishoo17301056.67
R Sharmanot out68753190.67
*S Rainac Simmons b Martin43504086.00
Y Pathanc and b Rampaul10120183.33
Harbhajannot out6401150.00
P Kumar

M Patel

A Mishra

Extras: 7 b:0 lb:3 nb:1 w:3
Total: 217-6 (44.5) | Curr. RR: 4.84
FOW:P Patel (29-1, 5.2), V Kohli (34-2, 6.5), S Badrinath (61-3, 15.3), S Dhawan (104-4, 25.4), *S Raina (184-5, 40.1), Y Pathan (210-6, 44)
West Indies O M R W Nb Wd RPO  
R Rampaul100582125.80
A Martin100392013.90
*D Sammy9.50520005.29
D Bishoo101371003.70
Dwayne Bravo20170008.50
L Simmons 30110003.67
West Indies team: R Rampaul, A Martin, *D Sammy, D Bishoo, Darren Bravo, Dwayne Bravo, L Simmons , M Samuels , K Edwards, R Sarwan, C Baugh
Powerplay: 1: 1-10 ovs, 2: 11-15 ovs, 3: 39-43 ovs
West Indies 214-9 (50) Runs Balls 4s 6s SR  
L Simmons c Harbhajan b Kumar6231026.09
K Edwardsc Kohli b Harbhajan21451046.67
Darren Bravoc Sharma b Patel481050.00
R Sarwanc P Patel b M Patel56945059.57
M Samuels b Raina55753273.33
Dwayne Bravost P Patel b Harbhajan222001110.00
C Baughlbw b Harbhajan16171094.12
*D Sammylbw b Kumar450080.00
R Rampaulnot out9810112.50
D Bishoolbw b Raina04000.00
A Martinnot out230066.67
Extras: 19 b:0 lb:5 nb:2 w:12
Total: 214-9 (50) | Curr. RR: 4.28
FOW:L Simmons (23-1, 6.1), Darren Bravo (28-2, 7.5), K Edwards (59-3, 18.2), R Sarwan (141-4, 38), M Samuels (177-5, 42.4), Dwayne Bravo (191-6, 44.5), C Baugh (198-7, 47), *D Sammy (204-8, 47.5), D Bishoo (206-9, 49)
India O M R W Nb Wd RPO  
P Kumar101372033.70
M Patel91472025.22
A Mishra101380113.80
Harbhajan Singh100323013.20
Y Pathan20160018.00
*S Raina60232003.83
V Kohli31160105.33
India team: P Kumar, M Patel, A Mishra, Harbhajan Singh, Y Pathan, *S Raina, V Kohli, R Sharma, S Badrinath, S Dhawan, P Patel
Powerplay: 1: 1-10 ovs, 2: 11-15 ovs, 3: 38-42 ovs

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