Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gambling Tips

Tips and Strategies for Gambling

Gambling is game of RISKS it can go either way. One can experience great profit while one can lose everything. This pulls one into it faster. As this is full of risks, this could be smoothly dealt by considering few basic and fundamental tips and strategies. These tips and strategies are mentioned below. All you have to do is follow those tips and strategies and you could probably be a winner.

1.       Follow ‘Unidirectional’ winning strategy: Always start with least bet. After winning increase your bet amount progressively, while doing so have the profit that you gained in mind. 

2.       Pocketing Profits: Whatever you win place them in your pocket. Play with the principal bankroll till you complete with it. After the entire principal bankroll gets completed use half of the profit for the bet. This way you can plan your betting and get benefited. 

3.       Be careful of progressive bets especially when you increase your bets after losses. If you don't first beat the house edge with same sized bets, you will be in CERTAIN STAGE to eventually blow your bankroll. 
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If you just want to have fun and at the same time you want your bankroll to last, either reduce bets after losses, or bet the same amount each time. 
By following such strategies you could probably be a winner. More tips and strategies will follow up soon.

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